Dismantling of an RTG – Port of Bristol

O’Brien Specialist Crane Services was approached by a project engineering company to carry out the dismantling of an RTG crane in the Port of Bristol. The crane was no longer in use and surplus to requirements after the port had invested in bigger and more advanced machines. The challenge was the extremely limited working area within the operational container terminal. At no point during the operation could there be any disruption to the port’s activities.

To help keep the space needed to an absolute minimum, O’Brien Specialist Crane Services opted to carry out the dismantling utilising only one mobile crane. However, this created its own challenges, as the dismantling of the RTG progressed, the structural stability of the crane was altered, meaning certain sections could no longer support themselves. The traditional answer to this problem would be to use a second or third mobile crane, but this would greatly increase the working space needed and this was not an option. The O’Brien engineering team’s solution was to install a system of temporary bracing to ensure the structure remained stable throughout the dismantling operation.

The O’Brien Specialist Crane Services team carried out all aspects of this project including:

  • Initial site survey & calculations
  • Provision of risk analysis
  • Implementation of environmental control measures
  • Design of dismantling operation
  • Design, fabrication & installation of temporary bracing
  • The piecemeal dismantling of the RTG
  • Cutting up of the crane to suitable size sections to be transported off-site

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