Crane Relocation

The relocation of a crane, whether it be by land or by water within the same port or overseas, is a very complex and potentially risky operation that requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the stresses imposed on the equipment during relocation. It is critical to a safe and successful relocation that the strength and stability of the crane is not compromised. The relocation of any crane is a major engineering project and there are numerous factors to take into consideration when planning a relocation of such a large structure. All of these factors will determine the safest method to be used.


O’Brien Specialist Crane Services provides engineering, planning, logistics expertise and project management for transporting and relocating all different crane types and sizes. Whether the move is from quay to quay within the same port or relocation, to a different port overseas, several methods can be used for the relocation of cranes;

SPMT’s (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter) can be used to move cranes within a port or used during the load-in & load-out to and from a barge or ship
Skidding systems can be used to move cranes short distances on land or used during the load-in & load-out to and from a barge or ship
Barges and ships are used to transport cranes large distances by sea or river
Heavy lift floating cranes can be used in the relocation by lifting the entire crane as one and carrying it to the new location, this can be used for both long and short distances
Alternatively, cranes can be dismantled in situ then transported in small section by road or sea then re-erected in the new location

When transporting by sea our engineers carry out all calculations and planning for the load-out and load-in taking into account ground bearing pressures and quay strength, quay level, water level and tidal range, we will also calculate abnormal stresses that sea transportation can have on the equipment and from this design the sea-fastening required.

Once the crane has arrived in its new location O’Brien Specialist Crane Services can offer complete commissioning and load testing service, this will ensure that a crane is quickly available for operation.

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At O’Brien Specialist Crane Services we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering project in the safest and most efficient way possible whilst ensuring total client satisfaction throughout. It’s the trust of our clients that has brought us to where we are today. Our case studies of selected previous projects illustrate our commitment to excellence.

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