Health, Safety & Environment

O’Brien Specialist Crane Services recognises that we operate in a high-risk environment but we are confident we have robust systems in place to reduce the risk to as low a level as possible. We place the highest degree of importance on meeting and exceeding standards in relation to Health, Safety and Environment. We are 100% committed to the safety of our colleagues, clients and surrounding communities. This is something we do not compromise on and we expect that everyone we work with shares this commitment.

O’Brien Specialist Crane Services has a safety record to be proud of, but we will continue to strive for further improvements and we recognize how important it is not to become complacent. We pride ourselves on our culture of safety, carefully developed within the organisation over many years, from director level through the organisation to the onsite operatives, all our employees actively engage with safety on all levels.

We work in partnership with our clients to create safe, innovative, cost-effective and environmentally acceptable solutions, whilst ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees, our clients and the general public, are constantly maintained.

Most of our projects achieve in excess of 98% recycling rate with 100% non-hazardous waste diverted from landfill, with full accountability of waste recycling giving the client an accurate ‘green’ report on project environmental stewardship.

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