Our group is, at its heart, a family company with strong community values. We acknowledge that as a good corporate citizen, our company should be actively involved in the community, its interests and activities. We actively involve ourselves in supporting local sporting clubs and charity organisations, as well as becoming a lead signatory in the crime prevention association in the local area. We also support work experience (on-the-job training) for school leavers wanting a career in this cutting edge industry. We provide support to the community in many ways, including sponsorship of Local Charities, Local Business and Local Sports Clubs and Teams

Here at O’Brien Specialist Crane Services we are committed to providing benefits to the communities that we work in.

How we work

We work with our clients to deliver community benefits through the various means below:

Educational Support

Participation in school career days.

Presenting construction safety to school children so they understand the dangers of a construction site.

Jobs and Apprenticeships

Promote jobs via local agencies.

Recruit apprentices.

Training and Work Placements

Work placements for S4/S5 pupils for a maximum of 5 days.

Work placements for graduates.

Viewing area so children/students can see work being undertaken, if this is happening in their community.

Social Inclusion, Community Projects and Wellbeing

Sponsorship of local community events e.g. erect and decorate Christmas tree within town centre, promote Gala Day.

Sponsorship of local organisations e.g. football equipment

Donate expertise, materials and time to work with local communities/charities etc.

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