Heavy lift removal of a 54 ton propane storage tank – BOC

As part of an ongoing contract with BOC O’Brien Specialist Crane Services was tasked with the lifting and transportation of a 54-ton propane storage tank from one of BOC’s plants within the UK. The tank was to be lifted from its original raised position onto road transport to be removed from the site.

One of the challenges faced by the team was the tank’s location within the very confined site. There was only one location in which to rig a heavy lift mobile crane. Between the rigging location and the tank to be lifted there was a high level pipe gantry.  This carried a number of high pressure propane lines to the bottle filling plant which operated 24 hours, 7 days a week. It was critical these lines remained live and undamaged at all times. The next challenge was the sheer size and length of the tank. It required one of the O’Brien Group’s specialist extendable low loaders to safely transport the abnormal load. Due to the many low overhead pipe gantries which cross the BOC site there was only one possible exit route. This was through the very busy BOC industrial gas distribution centre. To help minimise any disruption it was agreed that the tank would be lifted and transported on a weekend during a less busy period in production. A 350 ton mobile crane was employed to lift the tank free from its raised plinths onto the awaiting road transport. Specialist lifting accessories were used to ensure total control and safety throughout the operation.

The O’Brien Specialist Crane Services team carried out all aspects of the lifting operations including:

  • Initial site survey
  • Calculations of load weights
  • Design of lifting operation
  • Selection of crane and lifting accessories
  • Ground loading calculations
  • Installation of crane pads
  • Provision of risk analysis
  • Provision of detailed lift plan’s
  • Planning, supervision and execution of lifting operations

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