Port of Felixstowe

The disposal of redundant equipment at the Port of Felixstowe Over the past 7 years O’Brien’s has worked in partnership with Hutchison Ports to dispose of redundant assets from the Port of Felixstowe. The works included: The controlled collapse of nine STS cranes. The dismantling of two RMG cranes over a live railway The scrapping […]

Middlesbrough UK

Disaster response following structural failure – Middlesbrough UK O’Brien Specialist Crane Services was called out to a dockside crane which had sustained irreparable damage due to structural failure. The crane, which had been operating in the shipyard for many decades, suffered a catastrophic failure of the main A-Frame. This led to the entire boom section […]

London Thamesport

Disposal of RMG’s – London Thamesport In an effort to centralise container throughput, Hutchison Ports moved container operations from Thamesport to its flagship UK port at Felixstowe. Thamesport is primarily used for bulk and general cargo. This left a number of container handling assets surplus to requirements. Hutchison Ports tasked O’Brien’s to remove assets and […]

TATA Chemicals

Complex heavy lift – TATA Chemicals Europe  As part of an ongoing project to decommission and demolish a redundant chemical facility, the client enlisted the expertise of the heavy-lift team within O’Brien Specialist Crane Services to carry out a number of complex lifting operations. This project is one of the biggest, most complex, and […]

Swan Hunters, River Tyne UK

Crane dismantling – Swan Hunters Shipyard, River Tyne As the once-great shipbuilding industry dwindled on the river Tyne, many of the large shipyards closed down. One of the best known and last to close was Swan Hunter. After 128 years, building over 250 ships, the shipyard of Swan Hunter ceased vessel construction. Soon after the […]

Port of Bristol

Dismantling of an RTG – Port of Bristol O’Brien Specialist Crane Services was approached by a project engineering company to carry out the dismantling of an RTG crane in the Port of Bristol. The crane was no longer in use and surplus to requirements after the port had invested in bigger and more advanced machines. […]

London dockside crane

Dismantling of Stothert and Pitt dockside crane – London O’Brien Specialist Crane Services was tasked with the dismantling and removal of the dockside crane. The scope of works for this project included: The dismantling of the crane Cutting up and processing the scrap metal Removal of all arising’s from site The biggest challenge on this […]

Harwich Port

Ship to shore crane dismantle – Harwich International Port The scope of works included the dismantling and removal of an STS crane The STS crane was designed and built by UK based crane manufacturer Stothert & Pitt Ltd. to the specifications of British Rail. It was built for its Parkeston Quay at Harwich in 1966. […]

Listed Communications Mast Dismantling UK

Communication mast  – dismantle and re-erect – Durham The scope of works included the dismantling and re-erecting of a grade 2 listed communication mast. As part of an ongoing redevelopment programme within Durham, Durham Constabulary had relocated into a brand new, state-of-the-art headquarters. The old police HQ was going to be demolished and replaced with […]

TPS Valparaiso

Ship to shore crane controlled collapse – TPS Valparaiso, Chile The scope of works included: The controlled collapse of a ship to shore crane O’Brien’s was approached by the TPS engineering department and tasked with finding a solution for the removal of crane no.1. The crane in question was to be removed to make way […]

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