Controlled collapse of STS & RMG cranes – Zayed Port, Abu Dhabi

The scope of works included:

  • Controlled collapse of five ship to shore cranes
  • Controlled collapse of six rail mounted gantry cranes
  • Controlled collapse of four straddle carriers

The port of Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi, was to be redeveloped from a container and general cargo terminal to an international luxury cruise ship terminal. All container operations were relocated to the newly constructed US$7.2 billion Khalifa Port container terminal. To make way for the future development Abu Dhabi Ports required the efficient, and cost-effective removal, of the redundant cranes consisting of five STS cranes, six large RMG cranes and four Straddle Carriers.

The client appointed O’Brien Specialist Crane Services because of our outstanding reputation and experience within this industry. Our engineering team travelled to the UAE to create a disposal package. They decided the safest, and most cost-effective, method of demolition was a controlled collapse. The project took place during the summer months and, due to the extreme unforgiving daytime temperatures, our onsite team opted to work during the night when it was cooler. This was also an option favoured by the port, as it stopped any disruption to the ports daytime operations. As part of the work, O’Brien Specialist Crane Services put in place protection to ensure no damage was caused to the quay deck during the collapse.

The O’Brien Specialist Crane Services team carried out all aspects of this project including:

  • Initial site survey & calculations
  • Provision of a ground impact study
  • Provision of risk analysis
  • Implementation of environmental control measures
  • Design of unique pre weakening operation
  • Design & installation of quay deck protection
  • The controlled collapse of all 15 cranes
  • Planning, supervision and execution of all works

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