Ship to shore crane disposal – former Tercat Terminal Barcelona

The scope of works included:

  • The controlled collapse of a ship to shore crane
  • The cutting up and removal of the STS crane

Following the opening of Hutchison Ports BEST terminal Barcelona in 2012, all container operations were relocated from the old TERCAT terminal to the new state of the art terminal. This left several redundant assets in need of removal to allow for further development within the Port of Barcelona. Eight of the Ship to Shore container cranes were relocated around Europe for reuse. However, one of the cranes was deemed obsolete. After a lengthy planning and feasibility study, it was determined that a controlled collapse would be the most suitable and cost-effective method of removal for this project.

O’Brien’s was the natural choice for Hutchison ports when it came to the removal of the redundant crane on the TERCAT terminal. This is due to the long-standing relationship between the two companies, built up over many years and many projects around the world. O’Brien Specialist Crane Services was tasked to deliver a turnkey solution to the project, from initial design calculations through to final completion.

Because the crane was located within the rapidly growing Auto Terminal, a low disruption, highly efficient operation was the top priority. This was achieved thanks to the specialist method of controlled collapse which was developed by O’Brien’s in house team of engineers. This meant the whole project, from the arrival on site to the complete removal of the giant crane structure, took less than three weeks.

The O’Brien’s team carried out all aspects of this project including:

  • Initial site survey & calculations
  • Provision of a ground impact study
  • Provision of risk analysis
  • Implementation of environmental control measures
  • Design of unique pre-weakening operation
  • Design & installation of quay deck protection
  • The controlled collapse
  • Cutting up and scrapping of the crane
  • Removal from the site of all demolition arisings

Specially modified demolition equipment, not readily available in Spain, was shipped from the UK to Barcelona. This allowed the crane structure to be pulled to the ground, cut up, scrapped and removed in the safest and most efficient way possible.


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