Ship to shore crane controlled collapse – Freeport Container Port Bahamas

The scope of works included:

  • The controlled collapse of a ship to shore crane

In 2016, the island of Grand Bahama was hit by Hurricane Matthew, with wind speeds in excess of 140mph. Matthew caused significant irreparable damage to crane 3, so in 2017 the decision was made to dispose of crane 3 to make way for new replacement arriving in 2018.

O’Brien’s was working on a subcontractor basis to carry out the controlled collapse of the crane down to ground level to allow for disposal by a local company. O’Brien’s has successfully completed many projects for Hutchison Ports globally making us the perfect choice for the work.

The biggest challenge on this project came in the form of the port’s operations. Freeport Container Terminal is a very busy and congested port meaning every available inch of space is utilised. The O’Brien’s team was tasked with collapsing the 104 metre high structure in as small an area as possible in the shortest duration possible. Our team worked closely with the port to put in place traffic management systems around the drop zone to cause as little disruption to the port operations. We also put in place protection to ensure no damage was caused to the quay deck during the collapse. All oils were drained from the gearboxes and motors prior to the collapse, eliminating the risk of any spillages or contamination to the nearby waterway.

The team carried out all aspects of this project including:

  • Initial site survey & calculations
  • Provision of a ground impact study
  • Provision of risk analysis
  • Implementation of environmental control measures
  • Implementation of traffic management systems
  • Design of unique pre weakening operation
  • Design & installation of quay deck protection
  • The controlled collapse
  • Planning, supervision and execution of all works


O’Brien’s scope of works was completed in just three days to the delight of the port operators. This meant the scrapping and recycling operation could commence ahead of schedule

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